Abigail and Governor

Welcome to the wedding website of Abigail Mupfupi and Governor Masukwedza! Because you have shared in our lives through your treasured friendship and love, you are once again invited to share and celebrate the beginning of our life together as we exchange marriage vows at our wedding..

Governor and Abigail
Saturday, May 3 2014
Ten O’Clock in the Morning Ebenezer Palm Tree Gardens 87 Merwede Road, Snake Park, Harare After Party + dancing to follow

Our Story


It was divine destiny that brought us together, Love that will sparkle every moment we stay united.

Driven by unconditional faith and cherished blessings from family and friends comes a wedding whisper...

"A promise for a life time of affection and happiness".

Two souls with one pulse, Two hearts that beat as one. And true love to guide the way. Love is the special life we share...

- Governor's Story

Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labour. For if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion. But woe to the one who falls when there is not another to lift him up.

Furthermore, if two lie down together they keep warm, but how can one be warm alone? And if one can overpower him who is alone, two can resist him.

A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart.

- Abigail's Story


  • Shingirai Mikiya - The Senator

    Shingirai Mikiya a.k.a " The Senator" is the best man! He and the groom are qualified Phycisists from the Midlands State University. You can expect ALL from this gentleman, from comics, science, software and diplomacy, he bares them all. Fans call him "the total package"!

  • Courage Jeure

    Ba ba batai mwana uyo!! Famously known as "Mourinho" because of his sharp resemblance to the style and antics of the Chelsea boss, Courage Jeure is the "dancing stars" coach. A vibrant dancer with years of experience down his sleeve, the dude is crazy on the dancefloor zvekutoti vane vasikana chengetedza, vanoenda ne swagger! Lol.

  • Tonderai Chinde

    "Moyo yenyu ngairegedze kumanikidzwa.." The cool dude, Tonderai Chinde is an easy going gentleman with a passion for creative art. He can easily mingle with like-minded peers and he rips the competition to pieces when it comes to dancing to the beat!

  • Petmore

    Profile Coming Soon....


  • Peserverance Mupfupi

    Popopopopo!! They say "dynamite comes in small packages", but rest assured Peserverance Mupfupi, the best girl, is dynamite in a big package. She is beyond "sociable" and a genius in dancefloor circles. Want to know more? put on your dancing shoes and be there on the 3rd of May 2014!

  • Lorraine Mushayahama

    Moto moto! Haiite haiite! Lorraine Mushayahama a.k.a "Lolo" is a vivacious dame who is a mouthful to watch. A celebrated dancer, she doesnt need music to get into the groove, she naturally has the beat n groove in her blood!

  • Nomatter Gracious Mupfupi

    Nomatter Gracious Mupfupi is the niece to the bride. A quiet and shy lady, she is definately gracious and naughty by nature when exposed to the world of music and dance. Welcome aboard, muzukuru watete!

  • Mutsa Mawungwe

    Looks can be decieving for sho! Whoever would have imagined Mutsa Mawungwe to be a dancing queen? Strangers think that she is a quiet and reserved lass but wait till u see her gyrating in motion. Friends think that she is outgoing but her best friends know that she can go real insane when exposed to the beat n groove. Hemino..

  • ! Michelle Williams

    Michelle Williams is a long time hood buddie to the bride, openly declaring she will definately be part of these dancing stars since childhood. The youngest in the group, she is a quiet lady but a parrot in talking circles. The future holds great success for the young lass!


In the heart of every loving parent, there is a warm wish that their child leads a life full of happiness. One such occasion has arrived . With new dreams, new hopes, new aspirations and a desire to achieve new horizons we are stepping into a new beginning of wedded life. We give tribute to our gallant parents captured above, who have raised us to be all what we are, their dedication and sacrifice is truly an invalualable resource we will forever cherish. A big thumbs up to our beloved parents! Above all, we honour the only true, Most High God Jehovah, Our Provider, for His devine favour and Grace Unlimited. Musanyeperwe, Kudenga Kuna Mwari!!


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