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For more details of upcoming auctions read the Monday, Thursday and Friday editions of The Herald newspaper.

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Purchase goods at the warehouse or CALL our sales team for a quick sale! All goods on sale are sold as is. Buyers are required to thoroughly inspect goods they intend to buy/bid on viewing day in order to be fully satisfied before bidding or buying.

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The most fair auction which sells goods to the highest bidder without any changes. Ruby Auction workers work with customers well regardless of the value of goods the customer would have purchased.
Abel Mahwindo Buyer
I have been buying my goods for resale at public auctions conducted by Ruby Auctions.I have found them to be very transparent.The staff are very friendly and everybody is accessible even up to the Chairman.Complaints are quickly addressed because management is always there for us.
Mr T. Simango Buyer
I am a regular patron at Ruby Auctions, particularly the Messenger of Court and Sheriff sales. There is good customer care and complaints are investigated quickly and resolved in an amicable manner. I definately recommend Ruby to any potential buyer.
Mr J. Ndlovu Buyer
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