About Us


The Brand

Our brand Modern Wish, which reflects a life style, is a wholly owned Zimbabwean Company. Our collections appeal to diverse target groups and occasions as well as it provides the best service by meeting special and individual demands with pleasure. With its unique designs and conception of quality which introduce the world fashion in Zimbabwe and the world at large, Modern Wish has gained an important and rapid momentum in Zimbabwe’s retail clothing sector. With its modern facilities, professional team, marketing network, public relations and consumer advisors, Modern Wish aims to provide the best service to its customers and guide fashion with original designs.

Since being introduced in the market in 2012, Modern Wish has been associated with stylish, affordable and high-quality clothing. It is our commitment to provide lasting impression on clothing.

Modern Wish offers clothing for all occasions- Men's suits that enhance your workplace style, Men's shirts to ease out your daily dressing dilemma, Men's shoes that place the signature to the executive look that you deserve and Khakis that give you a weekend getaway.

Ladies do not hesitate as well to get a feel of our exquisite collection of ladies suits, the ladies shirt to boost that uptown look and offers you the label “the Modern Lady”

Modern Wish is fast becoming the go-to source for the latest in fashion trends, colors and style. Pay us a visit and be in for it for the hearty welcome and efficient customer service and you will be not our customer but our partner!!!

The History

The modern wish history began in 2012 with the desire to bring marked changes in the clothing market in terms of quality and top of the range clothing. Since its inception into the market, modern wish has tirelessly sought to bring innovation in clothing, unleashing quality as well as affordability. It started off as a backyard business and is fast growing to the national business stage.