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Tired of the hype of planning your formal wardrobe? Wish you could have a one stop fashion experience? Look no further, our hot products constitute various brands such as Paul Smith, Lewis Denim, Daniel Hatcher, Polo and many others to give you that jaw dropping look you deserve!

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Steal the show and slip right past any competition head to toe with our fabulous top of the range clothing apparel crafted from select fabric and with a featured tailor fit designed for the confident and modern individual. We believe in the right of every man to look good in clothes that fit, that flatter, that last. That’s been our driving force for creating the label “Modern Wish”. Rest assured we're passionate about your fashion needs!

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We are here to guide you through every step of your style journey. We understand your fashion needs, which is why we pride ourselves on providing a first class service to you our valued customer! Expect super fast delivery, hassle free returns and a customer care team to answer any of your style queries! We have worked with various clients across the spectrum of the industry and some of our satisfied clients are :