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    Panganayi BORAN Stud strives to bring passion, commitment, knowledge, reliability and love of stock farming to the table.

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We believe quality animals produce quality off-springs.

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PANGA BORAN is a Boran cattle stud owned by Mussolini Ganyo and family. We are based at Panganayi Pakurima Farm located in Wedza. We got the farm in 2006 and we bought nine F1 Borans as well as other breeds of cattle,two years later we realised that the Borans were performing better than other breeds so we decided to purchase more of them. We bought 8 pedigrees from Rankin Beef in South Africa as well as F1s, F2s and a few other pedigrees from Forrester Estate. In 2012 we bought the highest priced Boran bull at the National bull sell and the bull was priced at $7500 and had been bred by Mark Hook a Boran breeder HHB09/78.In this same year we also joined the Zimbabwe Boran Society. In 2013 we bought some more bulls from Francois Smith of Fontein Boran in South Africa. In 2015 we bought pedigree heifers from MC Trust and Circle C. As of now our herd comprises of excellent pedigrees,F3, F2 and F1 but the journey still continues. All our animals are registered. .

Why work with us?

Our mission is to breed highly fertile animals with a cow-calf wean ratio of (250 days) i.e 60%. We concentrate on confirmation with heavy muscling and true to type. Selection of temperament is high on our agenda and we also concentrate on a medium to small framed BORAN with excellent balance between length, depth and width.

Panganayi Boran Stud endeavours to breed Boran animals that will make any commercial farmer proud, satisfied and content because our progeny improves the fertility and longevity and thus profitability of the herd.

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