Bull Description

He was imported from South Africa and was bred by a breeder named Jeras. He has a very impressive scrotal circumference and is throwing excellent calves. He is a truly impressive animal, for those looking for larger framed animals that carry a lot of beef, this is the line to look for!


The Boran breed developed after the introduction of Bos Indicus cattle to Africa after the Arab invasion of East Africa in about 700 AD. The breed gets its name from the Borana plateau in Southern Ethiopia, a region with harsh high altitude climatic conditions and frequent drought. Its composition is 24% European Bos Taurus, 65% Bos Indicus and 12% Africa Bos Taurus. Boran are humped medium-framed animals with sound muscling and large capacity for size. They are beefier than other indigenous breeds like the Nguni and Afrikaner and are able to store energy in the form of fat, which stands them in good stead during droughts and other challenging climatic conditions.